Italian Neurosurgeon Is Attempting To Play God

Italian Neurosurgeon Has Performed a Head Transplant On Two Cadavers.

People these days are getting all sorts of cosmetic surgeries from simple injections of botox to full on implants and reconstructive surgeries. But in the somewhat near future, Italian Neurosurgeon, Dr. Sergio Canavero claims you will be able to switch the whole body. Vanity could be one use for his proposed surgery, But the real purpose will be to help handicapped people.

But what are the repercussions of a successful head transplant? Would Immoral Elites start going on body snatching rampages in efforts to live forever? Not only that but does this surgery spit in the face of the natural order? Possibly extending life beyond what is initially intended.

Turns out Dr. Canavero is a long ways off from a living human transplant or that’s what most Doctors in the field say as they don’t see how a reattached spinal cord would function. Doctors believe that even if Canavero was successful they don’t believe the patient would be fully functional and may be paralyzed.

Has he gone too far? At what point is Medical science crossing the line into playing God?

Watch the Video Below.

As Reported By Erin Brodwin,

Italian neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero claimed on Friday that he had completed the world’s first human head transplant between two corpses – but gave no evidence to back it up.

At a press conference in Vienna, Austria, Canavero announced that he had removed the head from one corpse and attached it to the body of another corpse by fusing the spine, nerves, and blood vessels. He said he then stimulated the nerves of the corpse that had undergone the procedure to see if it “worked.”

He claimed the procedure lasted 18 hours and said the next “imminent” step would be to do the procedure on a living human paralyzed from the neck down.

Canavero released no details about the procedure, such as whether the cadavers had their organs removed or if any kind of supportive equipment was used to sustain them.

Instead, he told reporters that a scientific paper with the details would be released in the “next few days.”

When Canavero has discussed his plans for these types of procedures in the past, he has referred to the process as a head transplant or a “full body transplant.” But he described his latest work differently.

“My primary goal was not a head transplant. My primary goal was a brain transplant,” Canavero said on Friday.

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