White House Stupefied After Top Biden Official Is Caught Up In Indictment (VIDEO)

The White House was almost speechless trying to explain why Biden’s National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan is now knee deep in the Durham indictment of former Clinton presidential campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann.

The “foreign policy advisor” mentioned in the Durham indictment of Sussmann was unmasked as Jake Sullivan who was also responsible for Biden’s pitiful withdrawal in Afghanistan.

According to Durham, Sussmann mislead the FBI when making accusations about collusion between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin.

The indictment charges that Sussmann gave the FBI three “white papers” to show collusion between the Trump organization and a Russian bank.

“Sussmann stated falsely that he was not doing his work on the aforementioned allegations ‘for any client,’ which led the FBI General Counsel to understand that Sussmann was acting as a good citizen merely passing along information, not as a paid advocate or political operative,’” the indictment says. “This statement was intentionally false and misleading because, in assembling and conveying these allegations, Sussmann acted on behalf of specific clients.”

Durham charges that Sussmann and campaign lawyer Marc Elias “exchanged emails with the Clinton campaign’s manager, communications director, and foreign policy advisor,” who has been identified as Jake Sullivan.

When reporters asked the White House for a statement they were clueless and played dumb.

Earlier this month, Durham indictments have completely debunked the Steele Dossier which was complied by former British intelligence agent Christopher Steele. The Durham probe has already resulted in a guilty plea of former FBI attorney Kevin Clinesmith who manipulated documents to get a spy warrant on Trump adviser Carter Page. Clinesmith was sentenced to one year of probation and 400 hours of community service.

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