Watch: Biden’s Comments On Inflation Shows America Is Hanging On By A Wing & A Prayer

While strolling through a neighborhood full of billionaire’s in Nantucket Biden took a couple of questions from the press and he was asked about inflation. The president’s answer revealed he has no plan and is hoping that the people he nominated will  bail him out.

Biden’s response once again proves he is a puppet president, the man has no plan and is just being told what to do.

The White House is also trying to use the pandemic as a scapegoat.

From the Associated Press:

Asked why Americans aren’t getting the message that the economy is improving, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said this past week: “We’re still in the middle of fighting a pandemic and people are sick and tired of that. We are, too.”

The state of affairs, she said, affects everything from how people feel about sending their kids out the door to the price for a gallon of gas.

The administration views vaccination mandates as critical, not only to preventing avoidable illness and death but to safeguarding the economic recovery — and salvaging Biden’s political position.

“We have the tools to accelerate the path out of this pandemic widely available,” White House COVID-19 coordinator Jeff Zients told a coronavirus briefing. While he ruled out large-scale lockdowns like the United States experienced in 2020 and like those popping up again across Europe, Zients renewed the administration’s appeals for more Americans to get their shots.

However, there is an old quote that is haunting Biden.

“I’m going to shut down the virus, not the country. It’s his ineptitude that’s caused us to,” Biden said during the last presidential debate.

Since, Biden’s taken office inflation is up, gas prices are up, cases are up, and COVID-19 deaths are up.