Super Liberal Company Given The Ability To ‘Edit’ Twitter?!?

Two liberal companies, who vow to remove Russian propaganda, given the keys to muffle Conservatives? Yeah, that makes sense. Speaking from this side of things; I have watched several Conservative sites taken down over ‘hate speech’ for quoting history. Also, I’ve witnessed some buffered completely by social media for having unpopular views. Once these two come together to ‘weed out’ propaganda accounts on Twitter, accounts with diverse and unpopular opinions could be endangered.

As Reported By Rick Moran With American Thinker.

It’s rare that two corporations cooperate on anything, much less the politically charged topic of “propaganda.”  But Twitter has apparently given the website BuzzFeed the power to identify suspected “propaganda” accounts on the social media giant that Twitter can then suspend.

I frankly don’t care if every one of those accounts is part of a Russian propaganda plot.  That’s not the issue.  The issue is two liberal companies cooperating to interfere with the free flow of information.

Who’s to say that BuzzFeed won’t start flagging sites it disagrees with politically?  Would Twitter accede to the dictates of BuzzFeed?

The 45 suspect accounts were uncovered through basic analysis of those that interacted or retweeted accounts cited by Twitter to Congress, yet none of them appeared on the company’s list.

The relative ease of discovery raises serious questions as to just how many Russian-linked bots may still be active on Twitter, how the company identifies and removes such accounts, and whether its process for identifying accounts for its evidence was inadequate.

Until BuzzFeed News approached Twitter on Tuesday afternoon with details of the accounts, they all remained active on the platform, though dormant. All 45 had been suspended.

The network of propaganda accounts was identified using a database of 17 million Brexit-related tweets collected by the University of Sheffield.

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