So Weird: Fox Was Forced To Ban Gene Simmons After This Interview- For Life.

What in the what? So, Fox News Business invited the lead singer of Kiss, Gene Simmons, to speaking on their morning show about the Harvey Weinstein scandals as well as the singer’s new book. While I am sure they expected some outrageous behavior, no one was prepared for Simmon’s meltdown performance.

As eccentric and bazaar Gene’s behavior was on-camera it reportedly became profoundly worse off-camera. Gene’s behavior led to the singer being permanently banned from the Fox News, Manhatten, building. You just have to see it to believe it.



Some of the things said during the “normal” part of Gene’s visit at Fox:

You know that the lunatics have taken over the insane asylum when respected business news entities like yourself ask guys that look like me, that stick their tongues out and own money bag logos, what I think about Harvey Weinstein. …

I’m a powerful and attractive man, and what I’m about to say is deadly serious. Men are jackasses. And from the time we’re young, we have testosterone — I’m not validating it or defending it — guys need to be trained from their very, very young ages by their mothers and by their loved ones to understand that half the world’s population are female, and they need to be treated with respect.

We don’t get the training — and that’s not a defense. Harvey and Cosby and anybody who may have allegedly done those things should go down all the way to hell so they can become somebody’s girlfriend. I’m just kidding, it’s just a joke.

But women really, en masse, should rise up — the only way you got the vote is not because men want to share it with you, it’s because you started marching and demanding it. You will only get the respect you demand. Our African American brothers and sisters only got, you know, the respect, whatever they’ve got so far, by marching and taking charge of it. And guys like Harvey need to be held accountable if proven guilty in a court of law, no matter what the court of public opinion says because Playboy wound up paying many millions of dollars for alleged rapes and blah blah blah which wound up to be untrue.

So, what I don’t like is that anybody can make a public statement and then people join in … in England, by the way, you’re not allowed to do that. Whatever’s going on in court is held private until the verdict by your peers.

Watch his on-camera behavior.

As Reported By Lloyd Grove The Daily Beast.

Kiss frontman Gene Simmons—until this week, a favorite guest on Fox News and Fox Business Network programs, which couldn’t get enough of his supposedly outrageous rock-star antics mixed with conservative politics—has been banned for life from the right-leaning cable channels.

Fox finally had enough of Simmons after he crudely insulted female Fox staffers, taunted them and exposed his chest, and otherwise behaved like the “demon” character he plays onstage. Management was not amused, and Simmons’s photograph was promptly posted Wednesday at the security entrance of the company’s Manhattan headquarters along with a “do-not-admit” advisory.

Simmons’s publicist didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.
The trouble started Wednesday morning after the Israeli-born Simmons—birth name: Chaim Witz, who dresses like a preening teenager at age 68—appeared on Fox & Friends and Maria Bartiromo’s Fox Business Network show, Mornings with Mariato promote his new book On Power.