Watch: A Weekend Of Lawlessness In Blue Run Cities, This Is Joe Biden’s America

President Joe Biden is becoming a symbol of weakness and that is reflected in Democrat-run cities. Video over the weekend from Minneapolis, Washington DC, and Chicago show that Democrat policies are failing our nation.

In Chicago, an elderly man was just trying to get down the street when a large mob swarmed him. Luckily there was a police officer nearby who chased them off.

Below is a video of a gun battle that erupted in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

In our nation’s capital, a 15-year-old was killed, and three others were injured including a police officer during a Juneteenth music festival. Witnesses describe a chaotic scene after shots rang out and hearing the victim cry out for his mother.

The DC Metro officer and the two others shot were taken to hospital and are recovering. Police also aided people in the crowd because the shooting triggered a mass stampede of people fleeing the area.

This is Joe Biden’s America.