Conservatives In PA Are Scratching Their Heads After Trump Decision, ‘What The Hell Is He Thinking?’

Conservatives in Pennsylvania were confused after an announcement from former President Trump.

The race in the PA Republican primary for Senate is heating up and conservatives were shocked when Trump announced his endorsement for TV host, Dr. Oz.

President Trump still has a strong following in Pennsylvania, voters still have their signs up, and it was only the city of Philadelphia (and the surrounding area) that turned the state for Biden in 2020.

“President Trump was very out of sync in picking Oz,” said Dave Ball, chairman of the Washington County Republican Party. “I’d like to know who it is who lives in Pennsylvania that knows the voters well told Trump to pick Oz.”

“I think that President Trump very, very seldom does anything that’s not thought out and doesn’t have a very reasoned and logical basis, but, for whatever reason, in this particular instance, he chose to ignore all of that and endorse Oz,” he said.

Ball added, “People have been calling me all day and asking, ‘What the hell was he thinking?’”

Ball is concerned because since Biden has taken office Republicans have overtaken Democrats in blue-collar areas all over the state.

“Five years ago, there were 13,000 more Democrats than Republicans in this county,” he said. “And right now, there are 7,120 more Republicans than there are Democrats; that is an important number in a county that has a very suburban component in the Peters Township, North Strabane, Cecil Township area. We also have a very rural, agricultural region, as well as the Mon Valley, which is very blue-collar. In last November’s off-year election, we swept all nine row offices, the county commissioner race, and we have six state representatives, two state senators, and a congressman.”

However, this isn’t about Trump losing power as the media would have you believe. The endorsement hasn’t hurt Trump in the state at all, voters in PA have said they’ve voted for Trump twice and will do it again. But, they don’t like Dr. Oz because he is pro-choice and supports transgenderism in small children.

If anything this shows that conservatives in Pennsylvania aren’t mindless drones like Democrats that fall in line when they are instructed to do so. They can have a disagreement with a politician they love and respectfully agree to disagree by doing what they feel is best for their community.

The Washington Examiner reported:

Kulback, Ball, and Wilhelm have not changed their minds about Trump. They still like him. But his endorsement has not changed their minds about Oz.

Below are some of the issues conservatives in Pennsylvania have with Dr. Oz who lives in New Jersey and works in New York.