Watch: With Historic Low Approval Rating Biden Gets Asked About Trump & His Brain Breaks

Biden did not hold up well during his press conference in Brussels and at one point his brain broke.

A German reporter asked Biden about Trump coming back and he didn’t have an answer. Instead, he started rambling about Charlottesville and all other kinds of things.


(refer to press briefing when transcript is avail) 

Folks, you will actually watch his brain break, he knows his approval numbers are in the tank.

Biden also walked himself right into hypocrisy. The President tried to claim that no one ever said the actions were a deterrent but the facts disagree.

Roll tape!

What was concerning is that Biden drew a red line claiming that if Russia uses chemical weapons inside Ukraine NATO would respond.

Biden also admitted that his policies will not only make sure oil prices stay sky-high but we are all going to starve to death.