Trump Protects Our Soldiers From Life Threatening Rules.

Trump Loosens Restrictions On Rules Of Engagement For Soldiers.

Americans who serve in the military should be honored and respected for their service. They are the frontline of American Defense and the face of freedom around the world, despite the MSM slanderous claims otherwise. Our soldiers are used to working with the best gear and have the world’s best training, in order to do what the need to to keep us safe. But for some odd reason, they have been missing a key factor, the ability to stop an enemy that has not yet attacked them. They were not allowed to do anything unless the enemy was within proximity or engaged them in combat.

A few marines told me their stories they both served but decades apart. A Vietnam Veteran would tell me about how every morning they would pull straws on who would drive a truck up a supply path. So I asked him why did they draw straws? Was there something special about driving the truck? He proceeded to tell me that every night when they went to sleep they would hear Charlie (The Viet Cong) up on the path digging and placing explosives and traps but were unable to do anything about it due to the rules of engagement. So it then became one person’s dangerous job to drive the truck over the path in the morning in hopes of clearing the path and surviving the traps/bombs. The truck had logs tied to the back bumper that would be jostled around when driving in efforts to clear more area. All it would have taken is the ability to defend the path at night to keep the soldier from running the gauntlet.

More recently a younger marine who had served in Iraq and Afghanistan had a similar story where he was also unable to do anything as they would hear Alqueda or the Taliban bury IEDs at night. It would anger both of them. The younger marine would tell me how easy it would have been to pick them off with some night vision and a rifle. Both Marines had seen the fatal flaws of these commands through the loss of life and injury but as soldiers, they listened to these life-endangering rules of engagement.

There are countless stories like this, some sadly from a parent’s perspective as their son was a Navy seal who died likely because of this flawed rule during Obama’s Presidency.

Watch the Video Below.

Trump has now made it so soldiers will be able to defend themselves from the enemy day and night. No longer will it be oh that RPG over there is not threatening yet as they are too far away or its ok the IED they just buried isn’t in the line of our Humvee yet. He has made soldiers better able to defend themselves and each other from the enemy.

“We are no longer bound by the need for proximity to our forces,” Mattis told the House Armed Services Committee in the afternoon. “It used to be we have to basically be in contact with that enemy.”

“Wherever we find them, anyone who is trying to throw the NATO plan off, trying to attack the Afghan government, then we can go after them,” Mattis said.

The second change involves, essentially, dispersing U.S. advisers among the Afghan units that are closer to the enemy forces.

“Those units with NATO and American advisers win, and those without them often do not win,” Mattis said. “So we are going to spread the number of units with advisers to bring that air support to win.”