Watch: The Woke Get Wallop From An Unlikely Place As The Dems Biggest Fears Are Coming True, ‘Let Me Say This Slowly…

There was another random act of journalism that took place on MSNBC.

This time it was Reverand Al Sharpton that attacked woke activists that have taken over the party. Sharpton is blaming “limousine liberals” for the fact that minorities are fleeing the Democrat party and flipping to Republicans.

“Let me say it slowly for my Democratic friends in Washington, D.C.: Black voters are more conservative than you are, White woke leaders in Washington, D.C. Hispanic voters are more conservative than you are, White woke leaders in Washington, D.C., Asian-American voters are more conservative than you are … They’re more conservative on crime, they’re more conservative on education, they’re more conservative on these woke issues,” he said.

The panel that included all the members of the “Morning Joe” show on MSNBC agreed that woke liberal politics are driving away Americans.

“They’re losing people of color because they really don’t get the people of color’s life. If you are living in a city, in a neighborhood, that is inundated with crime, and you act like that’s not an issue you’ve already lost me. That is an issue,” Sharpton said. “You cannot ignore when 12-year-old kids who is somebody’s niece and neighbor is killed, and you act like that’s a nonissue because you’re too elitist to live on the ground.”

“We don’t want to be manipulated by right-wing elitist billionaires or by left-wing guys that don’t understand our life on the ground that is living in fear of crime, that is living as a result of inflation that is killing us in many parts of the country. We need gas to go to work,” he added.

“These beltway elitists, these limousine liberals here in New York, don’t live in the real world and Blacks have to, and browns have to deal with the real world every day, and we don’t sit in crowded subways reading left-wing or right-wing propaganda,” he concluded.

Democrats only have themselves to blame after all it was they who opened the door to all of this. Republicans have warned of a slippery slope for decades and were ignored; now look at where we are.

Let’s be clear the panic is only being induced because the Democrats want to win after that they are going to go right back to the status quo.

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