Watch: Sentor Cruz Uses Three Simple Words To Perfectly Describe Joe Biden’s Presidency

Texas Senator Ted Cruz used three simple words to perfectly describe Joe Biden presidency.

While giving an interview with Breitbart Cruz pulled back the curtain to reveal what’s been going on behind the scenes and expressed his concern that Texas could turn blue.

Cruz described Biden’s term in office as “boring but radical.”

“Nominee after nominee in the Biden administration has really questionable records on China, and this seems to be part of a pattern, a very deliberate decision to pivot back towards China and to embrace the Chinese Communist government,” Cruz said.
“We’re in the middle of a global pandemic. Joe Biden likes to tell us that — daily,” Cruz started.

“He’s nominated as the head of HHS someone who’s not a medical doctor, someone who has no healthcare experience whatsoever, someone who has no scientific background whatsoever, someone who has no experience with pharmaceuticals, no experiences with virology, no experiences with logistics. We’re in the middle of the largest vaccine deployment in American history, and Becerra doesn’t know a thing about logistics and actually moving hundreds of millions of vaccines across the country. He’s a trial lawyer. He has zero experience. If any Republican had nominated as secretary of HHS someone with no medical experience and no scientific experience, they’d have been laughed out of the room. It’s absurd. Why did Biden nominate him? Because Becerra is a leftist, partisan radical. As far as I can tell, his only experience on health care is suing the Little Sisters of the Poor.”

“The Democrats like to say, ‘Follow the science. Listen to the science.’ Well how about have someone lead the largest cabinet agency domestically that knows something about science? It’s why I say the first six weeks they’ve been ‘boring but radical,’” he said.

There’s another word that could be added to the equation to describe Joe Biden…”historical.” As in historically one of the worst American presidents ever to hold office.