Watch: Man Gets A Dose Of Instant Karma After He assaults Freedom Convoy Protesters

A crazed woke activist allegedly stole a flag from a 13-year-old girl who was attending the convoy protest with her father. The crazed man then punched another protestor who witnessed him assaulting the girl; the protestor did not retaliate.

“Get out of my city,” screamed the woke nut job at the freedom protestor as he walked away dragging his nation’s flag in the slushy snow. The left-wing radical then began to attack the father by attempting to strike him, knocking him over, and stealing his gloves.

The radicalizing leftists then threw the gloves in the wet snow, stomped on them, and attempted another attack. That was when the guy slipped and fell injuring himself. The father immediately went to get the police.

When the police arrived they quickly diagnosed that the man who attacked the protestors was out of his mind (possibly drunk) and others witnessed backed up the father. The police quickly took the deranged leftist into custody.

Throughout the entire incident, the freedom protestors never engaged in violence which is very different from what Trudeau has claimed.

The incident was reported on February 14, 2022, since then without the support of parliament Trudeau has cracked down using unprecedented powers and video posted on social media has shown police beating protestors.