Watch: Who Ordered This Fake Smear On Chuck Schumer??

If you still don’t believe there are entities creating bogus claims of sexual misconduct, here is some food for thought. During the Alabama elections last night, an anonymous source sent out documents claiming sexual misconduct against Senator Chuck Schumer to various news outlets. Since then, the woman noted in the documents has confirmed they’re a forgery and that details about her are false. Here is what you need to know about it.


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It seems to me the point of this experiment was either to smear Schumer earnestly or to discredit #MeToo accusers by concocting a complaint that would momentarily set the media on fire before the spectacular revelation that it’s a fake. If this made it through the fact-checking process, the hoaxer might say, what other bogus accusations has the press not diligently fact-checked before publishing?

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) said he was the victim of a fake news hit on Tuesday, and has turned over to Capitol Police a document that purports to detail lurid sexual harassment accusations by a former staffer…

The former staffer told me in a phone interview that she did not author the document, that none of the charges ring true, and that her signature was forged…

A password-protected PDF of the 13-page document was shopped to Axios and other outlets. The document, which is dated 2012 and has the file name “Schumer_Complaint,” looks like a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

Among the red flags in the document noted by Axios: No lawyer for the accuser is named and two incidents of supposed harassment that occurred in D.C. involved dates when Schumer was either not in the city or not in the country. But that’s not the extent of it. The Daily Beastalso has a copy of the fake Schumer complaint and compared it to the very real sexual harassment complaint filed against John Conyers a few years ago. It looks like chunks of the Conyers complaint were simply copy/pasted into the Schumer document. Check this out:

The Conyers complaint references “House Rule 23” and a “mediation” process between Conyers and his accuser. The fake Schumer complaint also describes allegations as falling under “House Rule 23,” which of course does not exist in the Senate. The “mediation” process in the Schumer document was never mentioned again.

This was … not an ingenious hoax. ABC, WaPo, CNN, BuzzFeed, and the New Yorker reportedly all came calling to Schumer’s office yesterday to ask about the document but it’s unclear who received it directly from the source…

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