New Developments On The Story The Clinton’s Want Us To Forget: Uranium-One

So much has been going on in our government that it’s sorta easy to forget about IMPORTANT STUFF! Namely… Clinton’s involvement in the Uranium One deal…

You know the one, where a bunch of Democrats conspired and sold Uranium to their Russian contacts? Yeah, that one and as you already know it’s one that we’re surprised hasn’t landed A SINGLE PERSON INVOLVED in jail (yet).

An FBI agent who was working undercover recently announced that he will give new testimony regarding both the Uranium Deal and Clinton’s involvement… BOOM!

As Reported By Rick Moran with American Thinker:

The Uranium One scandal is a kickback, bribery, and corruption affair that sent several Russian and American officials in the uranium industry to jail.

But the connection between the Russians and the Clinton Foundation has always interested investigators because you can draw a line from Russian donations to the foundation and the decision to sell the Uranium One mining company to Russia.

Now the undercover FBI agent who broke the case wide open is saying he has given fresh testimony to the FBI on the Clintons and Uranium One.

The Hill:

Campbell said he was asked specifically about whether donations to the Clintons charitable efforts were used to influence U.S. nuclear policy during the Obama year, and that agents questioned him extensively about claims the Russians made to him that they had routed millions of dollars to an American lobbying firm in 2010 and 2011 with the expectation it would be used to help President Clinton’s charitable global initiative while major uranium decisions were pending before Hillary Clinton’s State Department.

“They were looking into the Clintons, and the information that I provided to them about the Clintons and about what was said and confirmed by Russian leadership seemed to be very important to them,” Campbell said, appearing in shadow during the interview to protect his identity.

Spokesmen for the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton did not return calls Thursday seeking comment.  The Clintons have long denied donations influenced any policies.

The problem for investigators isn’t that the Clintons engaged in criminal activity.  The problem is that prosecutors are having a hard time proving it beyond a reasonable doubt.  The connection between the Clintons and Russia is undeniable.

But can prosecutors prove that there were cause and effect?  Can they show in a court of law that the “donations” by Russia to the Clinton Foundation actually led to the sale of Uranium One?  Not at the present time.

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