Watch: Fauci All But Admits Joe is About To Do More Then Just Lockdown The USA

Dr. Fauci made the rounds on all the Sunday talk shows and all but admitted Joe is going to more than just lockdown the USA.

Fauci said that the US should be prepared to do “anything” including lockdowns to fight the Omicron variant despite have almost little data about people infected.

Fauci also told CBS New’s Margret Brennan that America “has the potential to go into a fifth wave” depending on what we do in the next few weeks.

Fauci basically admits that while the Democrats are in charge we are going to be living under medical authoritarianism. However, Fauci’s admittance that we are headed into a fifth wave should show that his policy has been a failure from the start.

There is about to be a lot of backlash from the vaccine church because according to reports from the media (keep in mind there is barely any data) the omicron variant is resistant to the vaccine. They are already starting to freak out, just look at the post below:

Biden was asked about the panic being created by Fauci and the media, he was as clueless as ever.

In other words no one has told him what to say yet.