Trump’s Tweet About North Korea And The Little Rocket Man Will Make You Proud.

Trump Moves To Stand Up To Aggressive North Korea.

Trump has gone out of his way to approach the North Korea situation with the utmost peace. In efforts to prevent war from breaking out. Sanctions and direct communication have been utilized, but little has been resolved. Kim will not back down from his aggressive stance and work towards a peaceful resolution.

Trump followed this tweet up telling Tillerson… “We’ll do what has to be done.” Trump has been in a twitter battle for months now with The North Korean President. All due to Kim Jong Un’s refusal to Denuclearize.

America through Trump’s Guidance has had help from China. They backed our play and also closed off funding to North Koreans.

As Reported By Eli Watkins, CNN

In August, Mattis stressed the importance of the nation’s diplomatic efforts, particularly through the United Nations, but in September he warned the US would meet threats from North Korea with “a massive military response.”
Last month, North Korea conducted its sixth nuclear test and in recent months it has launched missiles multiple times, which experts say could reach the mainland US.
In early August, Trump warned the US would rain down “fire and fury” on North Korea, saying the US would destroy the nation of some 25 million people if its dictator’s threats against the US and its allies continued.
Trump delivered a speech to the United Nations in September in which he referred to the North Korean dictator as “rocket man,” an insult he has used several times, including in Sunday’s tweets.
North Korea responded to the insult at the UN in kind, with Kim saying, “I will surely and definitely tame the mentally deranged US dotard with fire.”
In response to the North Korean’s continued weapons development this year, the UN Security Council agreed to increased sanctions on North Korea, gaining support from China and Russia.
Trump also signed an executive order penalizing any company or person doing business with North Korea.