Sarah Sanders Slams WaPo’s Bogus Report About Trump’s Visit To The Children In Florida.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Sets The Record Straight For The Washington Post!

White House Press Secretary, Sarah Sanders, doesn’t tweet often but when she does you better believe she means business. In a recent article by the Washington Post, President Trump faced some harsh criticism for his visit with the families of the Florida school shooting. It seems like there is nothing Trump or his family can do that isn’t woven into the anti-Trump narrative.

This time, however, the right person took time to read their ‘story’ and responded accordingly. Sarah did not mince words. Take a look.

Part of the Article read:

He (President Trump) did not give an emotional or rousing commemoration to the victims — like President Barack Obama’s after a mass shooting at a Charleston, S.C., church — nor did he publicly greet any families whose children were killed in the attack. Speaking at a funeral or a large vigil was not on the agenda. There were no calls for American resolve. There were no tears.

The visits were quick. For instance, Friday night, he was in the hospital for about 35 minutes, speaking to the news media for about 45 seconds. He was in the sheriff’s office a bit longer.

Trump, in two quick stops at a hospital and sheriff’s office near the school where 17 were killed and scores were injured, praised the doctors, police officers, fire officials and others who responded quickly to the mass shooting in Parkland, casting their response as heroic and record-setting.

“Very nice,” Rucker praised reporter Josh Dowsey in his tweet. “dispatch on Trump at Florida hospital — not as comforter in chief, but as congratulator in chief. Keep reading to the end.” While it is easy to see that Rucker was just using the tweet to push the article someone actually read it- Sarah Sanders, and she responded directly to Rucker. Calling him on the manipulative story as seen in the tweet below.

Sarah savagely set that record straight, didn’t she? As the Washington Post tries to spin every single story about President Trump into a negative while gloating about the former president, Obama, what they failed to realize is that the current administration isn’t ‘all show’.

President Trump didn’t expose those poor grieving families to undo press exposure out of respect. He didn’t make a show of his visits for the sake of ‘good press’ like the former administration would have done. So there you have it, the media pushing narratives and spinning stories without the facts, yet again.