Watch: After Passing Controversial Bill Aussie Police Begin Attacking Minors

Australia is descending into the depths and it is possible the country will never recover from the self inflicted damage they are doing.

The Victorian state has just passed a controversial pandemic bill (the only state in the country) which gives the government special privileges until they decide the pandemic is over.

The bill allows health officials to restrict movement, force vaccinations, and impose any restriction they wish without the approval of local legislators.

Embolden by the passing of the bill police are now using their aggressive tactics on minors.

“It’s a little girl…. these f–king heroes!” said one bystander as the crowd began to realise what happened.

“There was two little girls sitting up on the bus stop. Cops come along, they hop down, and then they decided to bash the crap out of them,” said another bystander.

“Three of the cops started grabbing and groping my mate, saying she’s arrested,” she said.

“And a cop goes BANG, shoved me on the floor and no one, no one will ever hold them accountable.”

The two girls were sitting on top of a bus stop with a group of protestors. The police arrested one and shoved the other however, they didn’t shove or arrest any of the adults in the same area.

As parliament has debated the controversial bill Melbourne has seen some of the largest protests yet. If it wasn’t for Rebel News reporter Avi Yemini the world wouldn’t even know they were going on.

The people are pushing back but the government is just bulldozing them.

Australian policies are starting to catch on, below is a video from Germany.