Body Cam Footage Shows Criminal Assaulting An Officer [Uncensored Footage]

A 39-year-old man believed to be Ashley Dodd allegedly assaulted the police officer on Sunday after the Toyota Camry he was riding in was stopped in the Glass House Mountains about 4.45pm. Police asked the man to get out of the car so they could search him. Drugs, including Oxycodone, were found on him. The man then attempted to flee into shrubbery but the video shows the police officer grabbed his shirt to stop him. Mr. Dodd then turned and allegedly punched the police officer in the head and repeatedly hit him after he was knocked to the ground. Mr. Dodd then yelled at the driver of the Camry to get out of the car with another nine-year-old passenger. He sped off in the car as the footage showed the police officer attempting to chase after him on foot. The 49-year-old sergeant was taking to the hospital and treated for facial and head injuries.