VIDEO: Kamala Harris Prediction Is Haunting Biden Like An Angry Ex-Wife

Love her or hate her, you will – at least on this occasion – agree with Vice President Kamala Harris and those words are haunting the Democrats.

Harris said during a rally for candidate Terry McAuliffe that what happens in Virginia is important because it dictates what will happen in the midterms.

What happened on election night 2021 was so bad that the White House locked down.

It wasn’t just the election in Virginia that shook Democrats, the elections in Buffalo, New Jersey, and Ohio did as well.

According to the far-left, the city of Buffalo, New York was going to elect Democrat candidate India Walton who is a proud socialists. Walton lost to write in candidate Byron Brown who many said his political career was dead.  In Ohio, Republicans won the special elections and Minneapolis, Minnesota voted against disbanding their police department.

The real stunner was in New Jersey and though it appears Phil Murphy will get a second term Republicans flipped more state legislator districts than in Virginia. If you’ve watched any of the mainstream media outlets you’ll notice they don’t even want to talk about what occurred in New Jersey.

Think about this, a retired truck driver who spent $153 and beat New Jersey State Senate President Steve Sweeney (D).

Let’s Go Brandon!