What This Nephew Did To Mooch Off Of His Aunt Is Unforgivable

Somethings are just so strange you have to see it for yourself to believe it and we’ve found you one of those cases.

Police responded to a call from a horrified property manager of a DeKalb County apartment complex. The manager reported a deceased woman in her apartment but the police never expected the circumstances that lead to that 911 call.

Police discovered,88-year-old, Elizabeth Stewart in her bed, under covers with a white towel covering her face. A scented candle was lit on the dresser in a poor attempt to conceal the smell.

It was obvious to police that Stewarts had been dead for at least a month but someone had been staying in the apartment. There were men’s clothing scattered around the apartment and a computer with the screen still on.

Charles Peters, 37 years-old, was arrested on charges of concealing a death. Peters was Elizabeth Stewart’s nephew and had stayed with her for about a year.

The property manager and neighbors confirmed Charles was in and out of the apartment during the estimated time of Stewart’s death.

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As reported by Raisa Habersham with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Peters was last seen in September by the apartment complex’s property manager, Vincent Rodriguez, who went to the home to collect overdue rent.

Peters apologized and said he “would get the late payment ‘taken care of,’” according to the report.

But when Rodriguez went to check again Friday, the front door was locked and the rear sliding door was open. Rodriguez slipped inside, made his way to the rear bedroom, smelled a strong odor and decided to call the police.

Peters, who had lived with Stewart for a little more than a year, was nowhere to be found.

Stewart’s body was taken to Levett and Sons Funeral Home.

Stewart is the fourth person reportedly found dead in DeKalb County in a matter of months.