White House Hides Joe After Blowback From Angry Rant About American Families, ‘More Money In Their…

Since speaking at the House Democrat Caucus Conference almost five days ago Joe Biden has gone missing after receiving blowback over his callous remarks.

Biden’s comments show that his administration is in denial and that their policies are collapsing.

Part of what got Biden into hot water was when he started bragging about the economy and claimed that American families have more money in their pocket.

“We’ve also seen the biggest drop in long-term unemployment ever recorded in American history. Nearly 2.5 million Americans have got to break out of that cycle of long-term unemployment.” Biden said. “We’ve seen the most significant drop in Black and Hispanic unemployment ever recorded.  Black [un]employment fell by more than 30 percent.  Hispanic fell — Hispanic employment — unemployment fell by 9 percent to 4.4 percent.”

Ignoring the fact that a record amount of people have left the labor market. 

“We’ve seen the lowest child poverty rate ever recorded — 40 percent decline in child poverty (thanks to President Trump),” Biden added. “The lowest num- — the lower number of harm forcl- — home foreclosures ever recorded, down to less than a third of what they were we were before the pandemic. Record low credit card delinquencies because families had money in their pockets.”

Oh really?

Then in the same breath, he claimed that Americans don’t realize this because they are struggling.

“And, by the way, the American people just trying to stay above water don’t understand this,” Biden said.

Those words were about as ridiculous as Biden trying to blame Putin for his poor economic policy.

Americans aren’t buying Joe’s propaganda. Polls from ABC and CBS news are showing that Americans aren’t happy with Joe Biden’s leadership.

A majority of Americans don’t agree with how Biden handled the situation in Ukraine and a majority of Americans believe Biden’s domestic policy is a trainwreck.