What?! The Media Might Actually Go After Bill Clinton.

In The Wake Of All The Sexual Misconduct Scandals, Bill Clinton May Finally Recieve Some Backlash From His Beloved Left.

Bill Clinton got away with a multitude of sexual misdeeds during his Presidency. Unlike other Presidents that leave behind a political legacy, when you think of Bill Clinton you can’t help but think of Monica Lewinsky or the multiple other women that came forward. But the Left has had their blinders on when it comes to the Clinton’s in general despite the many allegations he could do no wrong. Now with all the evidence coming out against their sacred Clintons and the numerous Sex Scandals that are erupting out of Hollywood on a regular basis, they are finally starting to see reason.

Juanita Broadrick was one of those people that were swept under the Clinton rug and discounted to a point where no one at least on the left believed her claim of rape against Clinton. She is not alone in her accusations against Clinton, there was also Paula Jones, and Kathleen Willey who were both sexually assaulted by Clinton. Only God knows how many other women there were, that never came forward out of fear.

In recent news, the Left Biased Media has taken off their Clinton Loving tinfoil hats and are now questioning whether there might be some truth to these past allegations.

Watch The News Reel Below.

Watch Hannity Interview three of Clinton’s victims that came forward and that were ignored by The Pro Clinton Media.


As Reported By Brooke Singman, Fox News

During the 1990s, liberals defended Clinton against the allegations, and Hillary Clinton famously called it a “vast right-wing conspiracy.” Clinton was accused by multiple other women, including Paula Jones, of sexual misconduct.

New York Times liberal columnist Michelle Goldberg wrote this week that she also believes Broaddrick and that “Democrats are guilty of apologizing for Clinton when they shouldn’t have.”

“It’s fair to conclude that because of Broaddrick’s allegations, Bill Clinton no longer has a place in decent society,” Goldberg wrote.

The New York Times published a news story as well on the potential double-standard over Clinton, noting that liberals say “it may be time to rethink their defense of the 42nd president.”

And Vox published a column titled “Bill Clinton should have resigned.” Author Matthew Yglesias wrote that what Clinton “did to Monica Lewinsky was wrong,” and that “he should have paid the price.”

“Had he resigned in shame, we all might have made a collective cultural and political decision that a person caught leveraging power over women in inappropriate ways ought to be fired,” Yglesias wrote. “Instead, we lost nearly two decades.

A spokesperson for Bill Clinton did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment. He had denied Broaddrick’s allegations through a lawyer in the ’90s.