Vax Church PANICS! Scientist Discover ‘Smoking Gun’ Related To Jab Side Effects

The vax church is in a panic after scientists have discovered the “smoking gun” related to side effects from the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Researchers have reported a protein called “platelet factor four” acts like a magnet and is causing the lethal blood clots.

From The Telegraph:

The new study shows that adenovirus attracts a protein called “platelet factor four” to it like a magnet.

This new hybrid protein-virus confuses the immune system, which creates new antibodies, which themselves stick to the proteins, triggering the formation of dangerous blood clots.

The process happens only rarely, explaining why few people are affected by the condition.

The clots have been linked to 73 deaths out of 50 million doses of AstraZeneca in the UK.

Cardiff University received government funding to discover what was causing the clotting. Researchers soon realized that people suffering clots had extra antibodies that were attacking “platelet factor four”.

“So what we showed in this paper is that adenoviruses which is the shell of the virus is able to form an interaction with another protein which naturally exists in human blood called platelet factor 4,” said Dr. Alexander Baker, researcher explained.

“It’s really critical to fully investigate the vector-host interactions of the vaccine at a mechanistic level,” said Dr. Abhishek Singharoy, a scientist at ASU.

AstraZeneca isn’t denying the report.

“Although the research is not definitive, it offers interesting insights and AstraZeneca is exploring ways to leverage these findings as part of our efforts to remove this extremely rare side effect,” a spokeswoman said.

The Telegraph also reported:

Professor Alan Parker, one of the researchers at Cardiff University, told BBC News: “The adenovirus has an extremely negative surface, and platelet factor four is extremely positive and the two things fit together quite well.”

He added: “We’ve been able to prove the link between the key smoking guns of adenoviruses and platelet factor four.

“What we have is the trigger, but there’s a lot of steps that have to happen next.”

Before the report was made public the United Kingdom had already ceased offering the AstraZeneca vaccine to people under 40 because of health risks.


The Telegraph