The White House Gets Busted & Psaki Doesn’t Handle Well, Goes To Only Tool She Has Left: A Trump Tirade

Press Secretary Jen Psaki did not handle it well when she was backed into a corner during a press conference.

The Biden administration cannot get around the fact that despite having the vaccine there are more cases, deaths, and hospitalizations in 2021 than in 2020.

That simple truth caused Psaki to flip out and she went to all she had a left, a Trump tirade.

She really got mad when Peter Doocy called Biden out.

Even the press is acknowledging that Biden has not handled the pandemic well.

Recently, Psaki tried to lecture Americans.


Jen appeared to be having a preachy self-righteous moment at the microphone the other day when informing everyone that the republicans wanted to shut down the government, which would, of course, kill people and be the end of the world.

What the republicans were actually doing was taking a stand against the evil democrats putting funding for Biden’s illegal vaccine mandate in their bill.

Psaki, in her usual propagandist mode, whined that the republicans wanted the unvaccinated to be free to “infect their co-workers, our children, filling hospitals.”

Yes, we’re all about killing people.

Darn, she figured it out.

Democrats are really sick people and Psaki is right at the top of the sickness pile.

She continued to lecture the republicans by bringing up the Trumpster’s name. She said, “no one should be surprised that currently in Congress, as we’re looking at the government staying open you have supporters of the former president who withheld information, reportedly, about testing positive, and appeared, apparently, at a debate…”

You know if they are throwing out Trump they are at the end of their rope.