US Navy Sailors Found Dead After Getting Shore Leave

Sailors Found Dead In Their Homes After Getting Leave From Ship.

A Kingsland, Georgia residence was a reoccurring crime scene this week when two US Navy Sailors were found dead days apart from each other. Petty Officer Brian Jarell and Ty Bell were found dead at the same residence with only a four-day gap in between the deaths.

On October 11th Jarell and his family were on a family trip to Disney World for their daughter’s birthday. Jarell at some point during the day left the park, claiming he wasn’t feeling well. The wife and daughter upon returning to the hotel could not find Jarell. Jarell’s wife filed a missing person’s report with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and started searching for him with the help of shipmates.

The next day October 12th they found Jarell’s car parked outside of Ty Bell’s home and asked if they could search the property for Jarell. Jarell was found unresponsive inside Bell’s home in a back bedroom faced down. He was pronounced dead shortly after being found. Jarell before this point had a clean bill of health and did not suffer from any medical conditions.

Four days Later, Ty Bell did not report for duty and 2 sailors were sent to check on him. They found Bell dead laying back on his couch with “white foam coming from his nose.”

The Navy released the following statement in regards to the deaths.

“Tragically, we have lost two Sailors to apparent drug overdoses. The Submarine Force and Kings Bay leadership are taking these events seriously.”

The navy has performed Drug testing in the Kings Bay area and so far everyone has come up clean. Further investigation about these two incidents will be made by the NCIS.

As Reported By Fox News.

“The Navy is supporting the law enforcement investigations, while also reinforcing the resources and systems we have in place to deter, detect, and treat illegal drug use,” the statement said, later adding, “The Navy and submarine force has robust drug prevention programs in place and ensure that every Sailor is aware of and given an opportunity to seek help if they need additional support or are going through a difficult time in their personal and professional lives.”

Bell was assigned to the ballistic missile submarine USS Wyoming, while Jarrell was assigned to the Trident Training Facility at Kings Bay.