Hollywood Land Of A Thousand Sexual Predators Or That’s What It Seems Like These Days.

Hollywood Land Of Sexual Misconduct And Victims.

The List of Hollywood Celebrity Sexual Offenders keeps growing and with two ‘new’ claims this week. Daniel Masterson the actor who played Hyde on The 70’s Show and Comedian Louis C.K. have been outed as the most recent of the Hollywood Swamp.

Daniel Masterson.

Daniel Masterson’s sexual Offenses are not exactly new but have come back to the forefont. Back In the 2000’s Masterson had 4 separate claims of rape posed against him but all had been quashed. Three women who were also Scientologists reported their rape accusations to The Church of Scientology. So who knows what kind of Alien Tribunal case was held within the church. The fourth accusation was made by a woman who said she was passed out when Masterson raped her.


Masterson has hired power lawyer, Tom Mesereau, to make the cases disappear as they have just come back into light. One of the Scientologist women that had only reported the incident to the church has now come forward and informed the authorities about the rape. This allegation has rekindled the previous alleged victim that had been raped while passed out. Causing an almost domino effect of empowering the alleged victims to come forward and speak out against Masterson. Mesereau has represented many big names including Michael Jackson, Suge Knight, Robert Blake, and Mike Tyson.

Louis C.K.

Louis C.K. has also been found to be guilty of sexual misconduct. The comedian has a weird fetish of forcing a woman to watch him sexually please himself. The comedian would sometimes force this action on people asking them if they were interested in watching and then carrying out the action regardless of the answer. The Comedian has apologized and admits to the weird sexual offense/fetish. “The Stories Are True,”C.K. told the media. Louis has been dropped by multiple networks including: Netflix, HBO, and FX.

Jason Alexander (the actor who played George Costanza on Seinfeld) weighed in on Louis C.K:

Despite the disgusting misconduct, Louis C.K. at least stepped up and accepted his fate and understood there will be consequences for his actions. But really its sad that these things keep happening and it mystifies me why it happened. In both instances, both men were famous enough where they could have had a willing woman be with them for a night or watch them pleasure themselves. Instead, they both went to an extreme to force themselves onto women thinking their sheild of money or fame would keep them safe.