Dems Eating Crow After Liberal “Blue Wave” Flops In Texas [Video]

Democrats’ Big ‘Blue Wave’ In Texas Turned Into A Huge Embarrassment For Them!

The massive big ‘blue wave’ of liberal voters, that was previously predicted to be a swell in Texas, really just lead to another embarrassment for Democrats.

According to The Daily Caller, early media reports showing Democratic voters overwhelming their Republican counterparts at the ballot box turned out to be overhyped and misleading.

Various media outlets trumpeted early voting numbers during Tuesday’s primary as evidence of a giant blue wave descending on Republican Sen. Ted Cruz’ re-election bid. But the final voting numbers showed the exact opposite: Republicans easily outnumbered Democrats at the poll.



Why is this even news when the Lonestar state notoriously votes Republican? Because even Conservative mainstream meds saw the data as a premature prediction of this big ‘blue wave’ movement’s possible success.

Including Fox News who reported:

The midterm election season officially kicks off on Tuesday, when Texas voters head to the polls for the nation’s first primary of 2018.

With early voting already suggesting a record turnout for Democrats, and widespread speculation about what effect an endorsement by President Trump will have on Republican candidates, the Texas primaries are being looked at as both a bellwether for the rest of the nation – and a sign the red state could be turning purple more quickly than expected.

Not two days earlier Cal Jillson, a political science professor at Southern Methodist University, called the surge in Democratic voters ‘Impressive’.

“It’s one word — enthusiasm. In a midterm election like this, what you normally expect to see is the Republicans’ primary turnout might be twice what the Democratic turnout is, so to have the Democrats even with, and even slightly ahead, of Republicans in this midterm election is really extraordinary,” Jillson told NPR.

Only, the ‘enthusiasm’ didn’t work out in the Democrats’ favor. Yet another reason not to let all of the media coverage over the liberal ‘hype’ deter you from getting out and voting.