US Backed Forces Are On the Path To Victory In Raqqa

US Supported Syrian Democratic Force (SDF) Has Practically Won In Reclaiming Raqqa.

SDF is almost finished recapturing Raqqa from the ISIS backed Levante and ISIS. The SDF has negotiated with ISIS and an evacuation deal has been made. It is estimated that close to 100 combatants have surrendered in the first 24 hours. A spokesperson for the SDF said that any remaining fighter “will surrender or die.”

The evacuation agreement includes foreign fighters as enemy combatants are expected to be leaving with 400 civilian shields. The US did not grant ISIS amnesty. ISIS member according to the US will face justice. The SDF is more focused on capturing the city than worrying about possible escaping ISIS members.

Raqqa was an ISIS stronghold for three years before the US supported SDF surrounded the city and just recently began their strike to reclaim the city. There was originally estimated to be 500 enemy combatants spread throughout the city, before the start of the strike to take the last part of the city.

Many Commanders of the SDF feel that they will have the city captured within hours. However, US Military Spokesman Colonel Ryan Dillion believes otherwise:

“We still expect difficult fighting in the days ahead and will not set a time for when we think (Islamic State) will be completely defeated in Raqqa,”

Watch a Video From Inside Raqqa.

As Reported By Fox News.

Commanders said to be targeted

In Afghanistan, Abdul Ghani Musamim, a spokesman for the Kunar provincial governor, said Saturday that the drone strike took place Thursday afternoon in the Chawkay district. He said it targeted a meeting of IS commanders planning for a terrorist attack.

The government has no control of the remote area, where Afghanistan’s ISIS affiliate has established a presence.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Defense, Dawlat Waziri, also confirmed the report. There was no immediate comment from the U.S.-led forces in Afghanistan.

However, lawmaker Shazada Shaheed rejected the report, claiming the victims of the strike were civilians.

The ISIS affiliate has grown in Afghanistan over the last few years