Unremorseful And Undocumented: Cop Killer At Trial Will Make You Sick [Uncensored Video]

This Unremorseful And Undocumented Cop Killer Running His Mouth At Trial Is A Despicable Display To Behold.

[California] Luis Bracamontes took the lives of sheriff’s Deputy Danny Oliver and Placer sheriff’s Deputy Michael Davis Jr. in October of 2014 but it has taken until now for him to see trial. I wholeheartedly believe this display of disrespect and lack of remorse is a play for an insanity plea to avoid the death penalty because his display at court is a stark contrast to his initial response to the crime. Take a look.

As Reported By Sam Staton The Sacramento Bee:

Bracamontes, 37, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, is on trial along with his wife, Janelle Monroy, 41. She faces a possible sentence of life in prison.

Part of the evidence defense attorneys hope will spare Bracamontes from the death penalty is the fact that after his arrest a blood test found an “excessively high” amount of methamphetamine in his system that may have made him paranoid and agitated, and that he wrote a suicide note in the house where he holed up before surrendering to authorities.

“Forgive me, God,” the note read. “Please take me with you. I love you, Janelle.”

Prosecutors say the suicide note was written after Bracamontes turned on the burners of the home’s gas stove and tried to have it ignite to kill him and any officers who rushed in. Instead, Bracamontes crawled out of the house and surrendered meekly.

*Warning: This video contains strong language as well as adult content and may not be suitable for all audiences. Viewers discretion is strongly advised.




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