University Professor Claims Blacks Can’t Be Racist

Professor Claims “There Is No Such Thing As Black Racism.”

In the current climate where we have social movements like Black Lives Matters protesting white people and pushing for a black Christmas.  Somehow this professor has his head in the sand and sees none of it. Or worse doesn’t think there is anything wrong with it.

Prof. Ted Thornhill of Florida Gulf Coast University claims that it is not possible for minorities like Black people to ever be racist because in the US. He claims our whole Countries structure is supposedly set up to benefit white people.

Blacks did not develop and benefit from a centuries-old comprehensive system of racial oppression comprised of laws, policies, practices, traditions and an accompanying ideology — one that promotes the biological, intellectual and cultural superiority of whites to dominate other groups.”

So because Black people were not here initially they somehow are unable to make it here? Tell that to Michael Jordan, Morgan Freeman, Tiger Woods, Denzel Washington, Will Smith or even Stevie Wonder. Professors like this are out to make excuses for minorities that are unwilling to assimilate to the culture.

You go to a Home Depot in any state that has a decent Spanish population and you will see Spanish immigrants waiting in the parking lot for a chance to work. Many times they will end up leaving without getting a job for the day and that doesn’t deter them. They will be back the next day to try again to support themselves and their families. But some minorities feel that if they are not handed a job then it’s racism. But I digress…

Professor Thornhill came up with his “White Racism” course and the University apparently went over the material and is fine with it.

“Reviewing the course content is much more instructive than passing judgment based on a two-word title,” Mike Martin, President Of Florida Gulf Coast University said in a statement. “At FGCU, as at all great universities, we teach our students critical thinking skills by challenging them to think independently and critically about important, even if controversial, issues of our times.”

Watch Thornhill Explain His White Hate, I mean “White Racism” course.

Thornhill even goes on to say that Trump somehow encourages White Supremacy. So you can tell that this course is going to be full of not only White Hate but anti-Trump/anti-conservative propaganda. Just another professor corrupting the minds of the youth of our nation and faculty that is too scared/liberal to do anything about it.