James Comey Has A Serious Issues With ‘Keeping His Facts Straight’!? [Video]

James Comey Spends Countless Hours On Social Media Spinning a ‘Virtuous’ illusion for the public but we know better.

Former FBI Director, James Comey, has countless marks against him despite his own efforts to drown out the facts. It’s almost as if he thinks we will forget who absolved Hillary Clinton of guilt during her email fiasco while condemning President Trump over a bogus Dossier. The Nunes Memo and Russian-Dossier investigation really solidified who Comey really is and what (or who) he supports. Take a look.



As Reported By Monica Showalter American Thinker:

Does James Comey have a perjury problem? A look at his past testimony with Congress, saying he had never heard of Russia’s gas giant, Gazprom, might just suggest that.

Last year, in testimony before the House on supposed Russian meddling in the last U.S. election, Comey held this exchange:*

Rep. Jackie Speier (D., Ca): Do you know anything about Gazprom, Director?

FBI Director James Comey: I don’t.

Speier: Well, it’s a — it’s an oil company.

The exchange flabbergasted Russians. Never heard of Gazprom, the biggest and most powerful company in Russia? Seriously? And more to the point, the very company Carter Page had been a consultant for, his Russia ties the basis for all the suspicions about him? It doesn’t sound as though Comey is telling the truth here.

The news from the Nunes Memo, showing that the Steele Dossier, a political opposition research packet, with all its unverified content, was the trigger point for the FBI’s investigation of former investment banker, energy consultant, and Gazprom advisor Carter Page really was something. The dossier claimed that Page was in line for a 19% stake in Rosneft, the $62 billion Russian state oil company (do the math) and was buddy-buddy with Igor Sechin, the scariest and most powerful oligarch in all Russia…

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