House Of Horrors Update: Gruesome Details Of The 13 Children Held Captive [Video]

House Of Horrors Update: Gruesome Details Of The 13 Children Held Captive by their parents. Details of the torture, neglect, and abuse they endured are unimaginable.

The David and Louise Turpin case, the California couple charged with holding their 13 children captive for decades, is quickly proving to be one of the worst child abuse cases in recent American history.

Details pouring out around this case seem endless. From Family members to neighbors, and even an Elvis impersonator, it’s nearly too much to compress into one story. In addition to that, as the one researching the new information, it’s unbelievable, to me, how long this went unchecked by anyone.

We have one family member who has come forward saying that Louise Turpin wanted her own reality show and planned on having more children. Louise’s sister who claims her brother in law (David) was a sexual deviant. Neighbor’s who are coming out over the family’s ‘strange behavior’. Which is in contrast to the Elvis impersonator, who renewed the couples wedding vows, who says the family seemed happy and normal.

This story just keeps getting more surreal as the days progress and it hasn’t even made it to trial yet. All the while you have to be thankful that the children are finally away from their ‘parents’ and getting the help and care that they need.


As Reported By Kristine Phillips and Marwa Eltagouri with Washington Post:

The odd behavior didn’t escape the neighbors, but maybe David and Louise Turpin were simply an odd couple with a big family who preferred to be private.

One neighbor, Mike Clifford, didn’t worry too much when he saw several children walking in circles late at night inside their Southern California home. It was strange, he told the Los Angeles Times, but maybe it was just something they did, or perhaps the children had special needs.

Another neighbor, Salynn Simon, told the Times that she was surprised but not disturbed when she met one of the Turpins’ sons, a man in his mid-20s who didn’t look his age. “You look 15,” she told the young man who only smiled and nodded.

Neighbors and family members now know there’s more to the Turpin family than just odd behavior and that the couple’s children were malnourished. he harrowing revelations of the past few days captured headlines around the country and elsewhere. “HOUSE of HORRORS,” read a headline on the cover of People Magazine…

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