The Underwear Bomber Sues For Violating His Human Rights

The ‘underwear bomber’ claims his rights are being violated in prison. He, as well as his lawyer, are looking to sue the district attorney and the prison system for what the bomber calls unfair conditions.


 Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab boarded an international flight in Detroit, Christmas day, 8 years ago with a bomb sewed into his underwear. The Nigerian native was visiting the U.S but managed to not only enter this country but boarded his flight without a passport. 

Despite his suspicious access to the United State bound flight, Umars planed to cause maximum destruction, and failed. A small explosion from the faulty bomb luckily ignited without causing the massive explosion it was intended to create.

The bomber was the only one seriously harmed in the incident with severe burns around his genitals and rectum. Umar had to be wheeled off of the plane, in fact, his self-inflicted wounds kept the man in a wheelchair throughout most of the trial.

Uma'rs seared underwear. Photo taken from video.
Umar’s seared underwear. The photo was taken from video.

After spending three years in Detroit the terrorist was transferred to a supermax prison in Florence Colorado. Because of the severity of his crimes Umar was placed on the H-block where each prison is confined to a private cell. As an additional security measure, the prison prevented Umar from outside contact and placed him in protective custody.

Some security measures have been relaxed and the prisoner is no longer in solitary confinement and is able to call his sister. That’s when Umar and his lawyer drafted a 73-page lawsuit claiming he has received inhumane treatment.



Originally most news media outlets were outraged at Umar’s lack of sympathy as he conveyed he was justified in his attempt. At this time there is a great deal of sympathy towards the terrorist.

During court proceedings, prosecutors prepared a visual reenactment of what would have happened if Umar had succeeded. The video was reportedly so disturbing that the judge told the terrorist that his sentence( two counts of life without parole) wasn’t punishment enough.


As reported by Breit Bart

He alleged that the guards allowed “white supremacist” inmates in his unit to “curse, yell, scream, and say things that are religiously insulting and offensive to Muslims” and shoved pornography in his face while he prayed, according to the lawsuit.

The complaint also alleged that prison officials force-fed Abdulmutallab when his life was not in danger after he carried out a hunger strike to protest his conditions.

The Bureau of Prisons did not comment on the allegations, but Abdulmutallab’s defense attorney said the prison violated his rights.

“The restrictions imposed on our client are excessive and unnecessary, and therefore we seek the intervention of the federal court,” said defense attorney Gail Johnson.