Four Dems Caught In Voter Fraud And Actually Faced Charges?

During special elections earlier this year four Democratic workers were found intimidating and misleading voters. Going so far as to tell one potential voter that the machine wasn’t working.

That’s nothing new but what is shocking is that charges were filed. That’s right, charges were filed and convictions handed out. It sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t. Quick, someone please pinch me, I must be dreaming.


As reported by Jazz Shaw with Hot Air.

Keep an eye out for unicorns if you happen to be traveling through Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the near future. You may very well see one, or perhaps Bigfoot or the Mothman because fictional creatures are on the loose. The latest paranormal event to show up in the City of Brotherly Love is an instance of a team of four Democratic election workers who are charged with crimes including intimidating voters, casting bogus ballots, and falsely certifying the results in their polling place. Even though we are regularly assured this never happens, our story allegedly took place during a special election held in March to fill a vacant seat in the state House of Representatives. (

City and state prosecutors on Monday charged four election workers with violating the state Election Code during the controversial March 21 special election for the state House’s 197th District in North Philadelphia.

Those charged include Dolores Shaw, 61, Calvin Mattox, 52, Thurman George, 57, and Wallace Hill, 60. The four — all Democrats — manned the ballot machines at the Esperanza Health Center at Kensington and Allegheny avenues in the 43rd Ward, one of the polling places where complaints about illegal electioneering were lodged.

Emilio Vazquez, the Democratic leader of the 43rd Ward, easily won the special election despite having to run a write-in campaign. He was sworn into office April 5 and will have to seek re-election to a full two-year term next year.