Hillary Bashing Trump On Television Will Have You Seeing Red.

Hillary Clinton jokes about how she and Bill tried to ditch President Trump’s inauguration nine months ago.  In an interview with the BBC talk show  “Graham Norton,” Clinton called the President’s inauguration speech a disappointment.

We rewatched President Trump’s inauguration and his main focus throughout his speech was for the American citizens and against the previous corruption. Maybe what Hillary meant to say is how embarrassed she was that he called out all the former administration’s poor leadership. You can watch Trump’s speech here.


Clinton explains her efforts to not attend saying she called former presidents to see if they were going. She even insinuated that the former senior President Bush and First lady Bush may have played hooky to avoid attending by saying they were in the hospital.

She then awkwardly tried to say that her hesitation for attending had nothing to do with her overwhelming failure during the election. It’s not like she hasn’t been calling foul on her loss or injecting herself into the limelight at every opportunity.  Can you read the sarcasm?


As reported by Fox News.

The former Democratic presidential candidate recalled not knowing what to expect before attending Trump’s inauguration, referring back to what she wrote in her book, “What Happened,” about that morning.

“What I wanted to have happened [at the inauguration] was despite the kind of campaign he ran, I wanted [Trump] to rise to the occasion of being our president and being the president for everybody, not just people who supported him,” she said.

But she was left disappointed, Clinton said. She said Trump’s inauguration speech was “dark and divisive” and was a “cry from the white nationalist’s gut.”

“I was so disappointed. Really, so sad that it wasn’t an outreach but it was a narrowing and a hammering of what he had said before,” Clinton said.

Clinton was a guest on the show as she continues to promote her book. She was seen with a surgical boot on stage after she broke her toe days earlier. She praised the care she received under England’s health care system. Clinton also revealed she “ignores” most of Trump’s tweets because “there are so many of them.” She admitted she responds when she feels like Trump’s tweets were “hurtful and unfair and really causing problems for people.”