Radical Alt-Left Militia Leader In FBI Custody! [Video]

With everything going on with the FBI it is important to remember the men and woman who work diligently to protect the American people.

While we all prepared for Christmas FBI agents were collecting intel and surveillance of one, Rakem Balogun, the leader of a growing Alt-Left militia.

Much like ISIS this group uses propaganda videos to try to recruit new members and promotes violence on U.S. soil. The Texas-based group, reportedly a branch of the Black Panther’s Party, was shielded by the law stating that no one member (Mainly the leader) can be arrested simply for their affiliation with a movement but the guys at the FBI caught Balogun in possession of illegal weapons.



Some food for thought, though; If their group really is a branch of the BPP then why do they spit so much hateful propaganda about President Trump and the Republican party when the real Black Panther Party’s leader is a Trump supporter? He is… take a look below. Watch

As Reported By Far Left Watch.

Contrary to what Qatari State-run media or Antifa propaganda websites have reported, these groups are not just “teaching the importance of nutrition, organic farming, and the benefits of vegetarianism to the black community” or “teaching community members about their 2nd amendment rights”. They are violent, far-left militia groups that constitute a genuine threat to public safety and national security. But just in case there is any remaining doubt, let’s look to Balogun’s own words.

Here are some select screenshots from his Facebook profile which we found because he was listed as the creator of the Geronimo Tactical Facebook group.

On July, 6th 2017, he changed his profile picture to an image of Micah Xavier Johnson in honor of the one year anniversary of the day he ambushed and murdered five Dallas police officers in cold blood. On that same day, he said “Comrades and Family tomorrow is #ClaimMicahXDay in memory of a great sacrifice made by a local Dallas Revolutionary! Zalute”

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