Trump Taught Them Well: GOP Is Done Playing Nice With Democrats!

We face yet another potential ‘Government shutdown’ over Democrats putting their politics ahead of the American People and The GOP has had enough!

After Dick Durbin’s misrepresentation of what Trump said in the DACA meeting, Democrats are back to holding the government hostage rather than making a bipartisan decision to resolve their own concerns. Fixing DACA and sealing borders has been part of the DOJ’s plan for a while now but as of lately it’s suddenly not an interest to them. Right as the two parties are set to come together and hash out the detailed plan moving forward the Democrats use yet another excuse to back out.

Republicans have been the only ones compromising up until this point and it looks like they’re sick of it. Don’t worry, it’s a good thing, in our opinion. The GOP is taking a few pointers from the Trump playbook and playing hardball in efforts to avoid a shutdown. Here are a few ways they’re doing that.

As Written By Monica Showalter with American Thinker:

Instead of rolling over for Democrats and virtuously claiming they’ve “reached across the aisle,” as they always have done, Republicans are now playing hardball. They’ve maneuvered to put entitlements and swing state-sensitive tax cuts on the line as bargaining chips to avoid a government shutdown. In doing this, they have just laid out a plan to beat the Democrats at their own game.

According to Wednesday’s front-pager in the New York Times:

WASHINGTON — With little hope of an immigration agreement this week, Republicans in Congress are looking to head off a government shutdown this weekend by pairing another stopgap spending measure with long-term funding for the popular Children’s Health Insurance Program, daring Democrats to vote no.

The bill would leave in limbo hundreds of thousands of young immigrants brought to the country illegally as children. But Democrats would still be left with a difficult political decision: withhold their votes unless the plight of such immigrants, known as Dreamers, is addressed and risk a government shutdown, or vote to keep the government open and fund the Children’s Health Insurance Program [known as CHIP -ed.], which provides coverage for nearly nine million children.

Down further in the story, the Times notes that CHIP isn’t the only Democratic shibboleth on the line. The other bargaining chips are even more significant, which might be why…

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