Liberal College Professors Attack Common Decency.

Iowa Professors Link Racism To Good Disposition.

Nowadays it is tough to be a College student there are multiple exams and classes in the curriculum of majors that are made up just for the sake of professor’s salaries. Universities are usually dominated by liberals that are in charge of shaping the next generation and it’s scary to see what these “educators’ come up with. They come up with the oddest “lessons” like a teacher who believe the freedom of speech is somehow limited on a college campus, or how a college advisor stole the speech of a speaker because she disagreed.

It is amazing that these “educators” are hired to teach and equally concerning that these are the kind of people that are influencing the future of America.

According to Iowa professors, students everywhere are being racist. By ‘racist’ they mean using good manners and treating everyone with respect. But that’s the new way that Liberal Professors are spinning reality to gain the limelight. Professors C. Kyle Rudick and Kathryn B. Golsan of Northern Iowa University have put forth a ridiculous claim. They claim that being civil in the classroom is a form of White Supremacy.

So where did they come up with this groundbreaking racially charged theory? Well, they surveyed 10 people apparently the perfect size sample size as everyone knows 10 people can tell you how the rest of society feels. (sarcasm intended)

Watch The Video Below That Explains Why Coming Generations Are So Susceptible To These Ridiculous Viewpoints.

As Reported By Cillian Zeal, Conservative Tribune

Here’s their methodology: they found 10 white college students and asked them questions like “What do you consider to be civil behavior?” and “How do you think your racial identity may affect your understandings of civility when talking with students of color?”

The results of these interviews helped Golsan and Rudick reached a startling conclusion (and by “startling,” I mean absolutely bat-feces insane).

“Through an analysis of interview data, they generated 3 categories describing whiteness-informed civility (WIC),” the abstract reads.

“(a) WIC functions to create a good White identity, (b) WIC functions to erase racial identity, and (c) WIC functions to assert control of space. These thematic concepts show how WIC is characterized by logics of race-evasion, avoidance of race-talk, and exclusion of people of color. The authors conclude by offering ways for instructors to interrogate WIC through classroom practices informed by critical communication pedagogy.”

These people work at a public university — you know, one that takes your tax dollars. Just thought I’d bring that up here.

The authors also found that those individuals who said they tried to “treat everyone the same way” were just trying to create a “good White identity.”

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**This is why we are having problems with younger generations as professors are brainwashing young minds into believing everything they do is somehow racist. Treating your fellow man respectfully and avoiding issues of race according to these professors are all signs of White Supremacy. There should be tests that prevent people like this from becoming teachers.