Trump Allows Release Of Classified JFK Assassination Documents To The Public.

Trump is About To Allow The Release Of The Classified Truth About JFK Assassination.

According to Trumps’s Tweet on Twitter, Trump is about to allow the release of classified JFK Documents.

Finally, The Truth about the JFK assassination that was thought to be too dangerous for the public and therefore kept from us by the government, is going to be public. The bulk of the files are supposedly coming from the FBI and CIA as long as they don’t backpedal and try and get Trump to prevent the release.

“The American public deserves to know the facts, or at least they deserve to know what the government has kept hidden from them for all these years,” Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia Center for Politics and author of a book about Kennedy, said in an email to The Associated Press. “It’s long past the time to be forthcoming with this information,” he said.”

Judge John Tunheim, the man in charge of how long to keep files secret and which, believes there is not going to be anything that shines a new light on the incident or groundbreaking. That begs the question then why did they keep these files classified for so long?

Back in 1992, Congress mandated that all information related to the JFK assassination must be released in 25 years unless stopped by the President for security purposes. So our slow-moving government has waited until the deadline, October 26th, to make the last release of files. 3000 new files are expected to be released, and over 30,000 heavily redacted files that have already been released will now be released without the redactions.

JFK scholars are excited about the newly declassified documents and hope to find more information about Oswald’s travels to the Cuban and Soviet embassies. They have also shown interest in the US Mexican arrangement for surveillance of embassies.

“The files that were withheld in full were those the Assassination Records Review Board deemed “not believed relevant,” Tunheim said.”

It is possible that the review board overlooked some of the files that they deemed irrelevant, not seeing the connections or importance of some information. With these classified files made public, we will finally have a closer glimpse of the truth about who and why someone killed JFK.

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As Reported By Cecil Stoughton, CBS News.

Some of the files will likely remain under wraps, experts say.

It’s unlikely the National Archives will release some IRS records, including the tax returns of Jack Ruby, the man who killed Oswald, Bradford said.

Sabato said he also suspects that some key records may also have been destroyed before the 1992 law ordered that all the files be housed in the National Archives.

And even a full release of the documents isn’t likely to put to rest conspiracy theories that have swirled around the young president’s death for more than five decades.

“People will probably always believe there must have been a conspiracy,” Tunheim said. “I just don’t think that the federal government, in particular, is efficient enough to hide a secret like that for so long,” he said.