Parents: Dangerous New Facebook Challenge Is Going Viral.

The Dangerous ’48 Hour Challenge’ That’s Going Viral On Facebook Is Tormenting Parents And Putting A Strain On The Police Force.

Tampa, Fl.- A new ‘Challenge’ has been going viral on Facebook, but this time it isn’t as harmless as the ‘mannequin challenge’. We’re talking about the ’48-hour challenge’ where teens are to run away and stay hidden for at least two days.

The longer they’re gone the more ‘points’ they rack up. Another goal is to get as many messages and posts on Facebook, from worried parties, as possible. It’s a parent’s worse nightmare, losing your kids. However, these teens intentionally running away as a game that could be potentially dangerous, even fatal.

Tampa police want this information to get to every parent so they have a chance to talk to their children before this ‘game’ becomes deadly. They also urge children not to participate in the challenge. Not just because the children could find themselves in trouble but that they could be held legally accountable for wasted resources that should be used to find real missing children.



As reported by Eric Glasser with 11 Alive.

Investigators say they’re also worried the challenge could put a strain on already limited resources which are needed to solve legitimate missing person cases.

“Going out there and doing something to help kids that legitimately are missing. But now we’re not doing that because we’re out there looking for you,” said McKinnon.

There’s also concern what starts out as a prank could get dangerous – fast.

“Even the teenagers, they go out there, they’re facing challenges. They’re facing people that are looking for a crime and all that. And drugs, and so – no,” said Tampa mom Julie Nyikos.

McKinnon says it’s a good idea to get word of this particular prank out there as quickly as possible, so parents have an opportunity to talk with their kids and tell them not to even think about it. Not only because it could endanger them, but others as well.