To The Lefts Horror Former DNC Presidential Candidate Is Campaigning For Republican In Tight Governors Race

It’s almost Halloween, and the left is scared. One of their former DNC Presidential candidates is now campaigning for Republican candidates.

Races for Governor and Senate are tight, and former Democrat Tulsi Gabbard is jumping in to help Kari Lake and Blake Masters.

Democrats were surprised after Lake’s campaign announcement reporting that Gabbard is headed to Arizona to help the two Republicans win their races.

Recently, Gabbard announced that she was leaving the Democrat party because they have been taken over by woke ideologues and believes they are leading the country “closer to nuclear war.”

This will be the former Democratic Presidential candidate making her second appearance with Republican candidates to help sway independents.

From The Hill:

Gabbard has criticized the Biden administration for months, but she quickly made her departure from the party clear as she began campaigning for Republicans within days, appearing on Monday with Don Bolduc, New Hampshire’s Republican Senate nominee.
Bolduc, Lake and Masters were all endorsed by former President Trump in their primaries.

“Big if true,” Lake tweeted in response to TIME reporter Eric Cortellessa, who first reported Gabbard’s appearance. Lake’s campaign publicly confirmed the event moments later.

Lake and Masters are facing close races in next month’s midterm elections.

In the Senate, race polls show that incumbent Senator Mark Kelly (D-AR) still holds a lead; however, in the governor’s race Lake appears to be in the lead and pulling away.

Gabbard announced that she’s campaigning to help Lake and bashed “establishment leaders from both parties.”