Watch: The Truth Hurts! Biden Flips Out On Reporter Just For Stating The Obvious

It’s pretty clear that President Joe Biden is feeling the upcoming red wave breathing down his neck.

The President has been running from the press and his wife was just boo’d at an NFL game.

As he was leaving for Pennsylvania to campaign for Senate candidate John Fetterman he got into it with a reporter.

Below is a partial transcript, in the clip below you’ll notice President Biden lunge forward at the reporter:

Reporter: John Fetterman is going to appear with you today in Pennsylvania —

Biden:  What —

Reporter:  John Fetterman is going to appear —

Biden:  Yeah.

Reporter:    — with you today in Pennsylvania.  But there haven’t been that many candidates campaigning with you.  Why are more —

Biden:  That’s not true.  There’ve been 15.  Count.  Take count.

Reporter: Okay.  And are there going to be even more?

Biden:  Yeah.

It didn’t get any better when he returned and another reporter asked Biden, “Sir, why don’t more candidates want to be seen in public with you, like Mr. Fetterman?”

“They’re — they’re — what are you talking about?” Biden said in response.

The reporter followed up asking, “Tim Ryan in Ohio says he doesn’t want you there. Warnock said he wouldn’t say. Do you think they’re making a mistake?”

Then Joe got mad.

“No. There have been 16 that have already (inaudible), and a lot more have asked — another 20 or so. So I’m going to be doing it,” Biden responded.

There was also another interesting moment that happened however we haven’t been able to find the video. In the transcripts, while Biden was in a Primanti Brothers restaurant in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania he was blown off by two customers.

Biden was asked about the economy and two guys that were eating lunch wanted nothing to do with Joe or the press.

From the official White House transcript:

Q Do you feel like, sir, the economic message — your economic message is resonating with voters in these key states?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, we’ll soon find out. You have to ask these folks right here.

CUSTOMER: Don’t ask us. Don’t ask us.

THE PRESIDENT: Fire rescue, right?

CUSTOMER: Don’t ask us. (Laughs.)

THE PRESIDENT: Anyway, thank you.

Nobody likes Joe Biden.