Telemundo Interview With Virginia Voter Is Giving The DNC Night Terrors, ‘Joe Biden Made Me A…

Telemundo, owned by NBC, was interviewing spanish speaking voters in Virginia and a clip from those interviews has the DNC in a panic.

One man said that Joe Biden “turned him into a Republican.”

“Biden turned me into a Republican,” the voter said. “Biden is destroying the economy, inflation is through the roof, and everything is terrible.”

Watch the clip below and pay attention to his body language when he says, “everything is terrible.”

That clip is going to keep a lot of leaders in the DNC up at night.

A survey of Virginia voters tell the story, exit polling found that 43% thought Biden was doing a terrible job.

Twenty three percent strongly approved of his performance and 20% somewhat approved.

The news for Biden continues to get worse, his job approval rating has now fallen to 38%.

From USA Today:

A USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll, taken Wednesday through Friday, found that Biden’s support cratered among the independent voters who delivered his margin of victory over President Donald Trump one year ago.

Biden and his party are poised for a rebound, advocates argue, after the House passed a $1.2 trillion “hard” infrastructure bill late Friday, sending the signature measure to Biden’s desk for his signature. An encouraging economic report released Friday morning showed stronger-than-expected job growth.

What USA Today left out is that unemployment is down but there’s a record number of people who have left the job market. If unemployment was truly 4.8% there wouldn’t be signs at businesses everywhere apologizing for being short staffed.

Let’s Go Brandon!

USA Today