Watch: Biden’s Takes A Page From Stalin To Explain Loss In Virginia, ‘The Voters Are…

The day after Election Day President Biden publicly announced that children as young as five will be eligible to receive the coronavirus vaccine. After his address Biden took questions and was asked if he was responsible for the losses in Virginia and his response took a page right out communist Russia.

Biden said that voters chose Youngkin over McAuliffe because they are “confused.”

Joe also doesn’t seem to think Americans are smart enough to understand the supply chain issues.

Over the past few weeks, members of the Administration have been using terms like “confused” or claiming people that don’t agree with them are mentally ill.

For example, Biden’s mandate for federal employees doesn’t immediately fire them if they don’t comply by the deadline and they will receive “counseling” informing them are the ramifications for not receiving the vaccine.

Not only are voters “confused” but Biden is ordering agents to raid business to “make sure companies comply” with his new national vaccine mandate.

Biden is taking a page write out of communist Russia. He wants the federal government to monitor your bank account, your job, and your ability to say no to a medical procedure.

Despite the rule, Americans continue to protest. In New York City trash is continuing to pile up, firefighters are refusing to work but, Biden doesn’t care.

The president calims that he would have “preferred” not to impose a vaccine requirement but they “are good for the economy.”

For now a judge has put a restraining order on Biden’s mandate for private businesses.