Must Watch: Tomi Lahren’s Rant For Liberals: ‘Masculinity Isn’t A Dirty Word’ [Video]

Tomi Lahren is tired of the war on masculinity and lets the leftist feminists have it!

In a passionate and truthful clip, Tomi addresses the feminists agenda to dismantle gender identification and the man-hating propaganda we see every day from the extreme leftist’s community. Tomi’s ‘rant’ came shortly after yet another Democrats, John Conyers, resigned because of sexual allegations against him.

Allegations that reportedly taxpayer’s paid out in a previous settlement? Consequently and conveniently Conyers was reported as being ‘hospitalized for a stress-related illness’. Go figure, right?

Conyers’s resignation comes as his colleagues grapple with how to address the growing public outcry over sexual harassment on Capitol Hill, which some female lawmakers and aides have described as rampant. Disclosure of a $27,000 settlement Conyers reached with a former employee intensified scrutiny of Congress for its secretive system of settling harassment complaints.

– The Washington Post.


The Unexamined Brutality of the Male Libido:

As written By Through sheer bulk, the string of revelations about men from Bill Cosby to Roger Ailes to Harvey Weinstein to Louis C.K. to Al Franken and, this week, to Charlie Rose and John Lasseter, have forced men to confront what they hate to think about most: the nature of men in general. This time the accusations aren’t against some freak geography teacher, some frat running amok in a Southern college town. They’re against men of all different varieties, in different industries, with different sensibilities, bound together, solely, by the grotesquerie of their sexuality.

Men arrive at this moment of reckoning woefully unprepared. Most are shocked by the reality of women’s lived experience. Almost all are uninterested or unwilling to grapple with the problem at the heart of all this: the often ugly and dangerous nature of the male libido.

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