Wow: Another Democrat Outed For Sexual Misconduct! [Video]

Another Democrat Outed For Sexual Misconduct and abusing taxpayer’s funds as ‘hush money’?

It seems like representatives are dropping like lies in Washington. Between corrupt land deals, money laundering, and sexual misconduct allegations you have to wonder who’s next in line for the metaphorical guillotine.

Michigan’s own Democratic Representative, John Conyers, resigned this week after the story of his alleged sexual misconduct, sexual advances on several staffers and misuse of taxpayer’s funds in a settlement, broke wide open. While Conyers denies the allegations the experience apparently left the Democrat hospitalized due to stress.


As Reported By Elise Viebeck and David Weigel With Washington Post:

Facing multiple allegations of sexual harassment, Rep. John Conyers Jr. (D-Mich.) resigned as Congress’s longest-serving member Tuesday, becoming the first lawmaker to step down as Capitol Hill grapples with allegations of inappropriate behavior by lawmakers.

Conyers, who represented the Detroit area for 52 years, yielded to mounting pressure from Democratic leaders to step aside as a growing number of female former aides accused him of unwanted advances and mistreatment. He has denied wrongdoing.

From a hospital in Detroit, the 88-year-old congressman said he was “putting his retirement plans together” and endorsed his son John Conyers III to replace him. Another Conyers family member has already declared his intention to run for the seat, raising the specter of an intrafamily contest.

Asked about the harassment allegations, Conyers said his legacy “can’t be compromised or diminished in any way by what we’re going through now.”

“This, too, shall pass,” Conyers told a local radio station in an interview. “My legacy will continue through my children.”

Conyers’s abrupt departure marks the end of a career that spanned the Watergate hearings, impeachment proceedings against President Bill Clinton, the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, and the debate over a national health-care system. Conyers influenced debates over each issue as a member and, eventually, as chairman of the powerful House Judiciary Committee. He recently stepped aside as the panel’s ranking Democrat.

Conyers is hospitalized for what his lawyer has described as a stress-related illness. His family has not provided further details.

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