What?! Student Attacked For Defending The Second Amendment?

Student Attacked For Standing Up For What He Believes In.

It seems that long have the days passed where students were able to freely voice their opinions. The educational system is so liberal that a conservative perspective is almost considered taboo. That’s what happened to High School student Christian Breault. He didn’t follow the Liberal Anti-Gun narrative and was attacked because he had an opposing opinion.

The school, Middleburgh Junior/Senior High School in New York, had it’s students watch the Parkland students Anti Gun speech where Emma Gonzalez gave the “We Call BS Speech.” The speech was played during an assembly held on the day of The National Walkout. The school also had local authorities come in and talk about safety and what to do if a shooting happened at their school. Breault did not agree with the Anti-gun message and talked to some fellow students, but he was overheard by a student who was wholeheartedly drinking the Liberal Koolaid. His father, Brian Breault, posted about the incident on Facebook.

Today the school my son, Christian, attends participated in the National School Walkout for Gun Control and School Safety. The school held an assembly after the walkout bringing in community leaders and law enforcement to speak. Toward the end of the assembly, they showed an Anti-NRA video vilifying the gun organization and its members (American citizens).

Following the dismissal of the assembly Christian engaged in a conversation with other students who felt the assembly was not handled well. Christian expressed he felt the Anti-NRA video was over the top and he found it offensive. Another student not involved in the conversation threatened him for his view on the video going as far as telling the school nurse that he would punch Christian in the face if he didn’t stop defending the NRA. The nurse told the student he could not say that and no further action was taken.”

But this was not the end of the incident as the anti-NRA student was clearly could not going to allow someone to have an opposing view. So later in the day, according to Christian Breault, the close-minded student attacked Breault. But just as he was strong in his convictions he was equally able to stand his ground in a fight.

Christian defended himself, punching the kid in the jaw, causing him to fall to the floor,” he told PJ Media. “The kid got up and threw an object at Christian, which he deflected.”

Watch The Sum Up Below.

The school suspended both students administering a one day to Christian and a 3-day to the aggressor. But Christian is concerned as he is an early enlistee in the Navy and doesn’t want a bad record to affect his chances.  But his father is upset as he feels it is wrong that his son is being penalized for defending himself. His father is also angry that they pushed a political video at school that slandered the NRA and gun rights.

The superintendent has at least agreed that the video was over the top.

Dear Middleburgh Central Schools community,

On Wednesday, March 14th, the Jr./Sr. High School held a school safety assembly for students. The purpose of the assembly was to give administrators and law enforcement the chance to speak with students regarding how the district handles school safety and answer any questions students may have had. During the assembly, a video was shown that changed the focus of the conversation from school safety to politics. This was not our desired outcome for the event, and we regret and sincerely apologize for that result.

Conversations are happening across America about how we can keep students safe in school. No matter where you stand on this issue, we can all agree that student safety should be our top priority.”

While it is a step in the right direction that the Superintendent apologized for the politically motivated video, the damage is already done. If the school wanted to make it right they should have a pro NRA video played explaining gun rights and why they should not be infringed upon. They should give students a full education on topics as opposed to simply following the Liberal approved agenda. But was Christian Breault in the wrong for defending himself? The school seems to blame him. Why should he be given any punishment for simply defending himself?