Europe Falls Back Into Fascism: Germany Prepares To Do The Unthinkable With The COVID Vax

It’s 1934 all over again, China is making the same moves the Japanese did and Europe is falling back into fascism.

Austria was the first country in Europe to force people under law to receive the COVID vaccinations and the idea is catching on.

“We have enough vaccines. Science gave us the possibility, the exit ticket out of this vicious circle of virus waves and lockdown discussions. And simply not enough people are using this possibility and taking this exit ticket, and that’s why we’re still stuck in this situation,” Austrian Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg said.

“It is a drastic measure. I would have preferred to go another way. But if one year in having the vaccine, of having national campaigns, of having media explaining again and again what this is about, that we have such a high degree of insecurity, of people believing in fake news … we have a necessity to take this drastic step,” Schallenberg added.

Now Germany is considering compulsory vaccinations.

Olaf Scholz, Germany’s chancellor-designate, said Germany “should make vaccination compulsory for certain groups,” without stating which groups.

This all sounds dangeriously familiar.

Jens Spahn, the country’s outgoing health minister, issued a dire warning to Germans this week, saying that by the end of winter “pretty much everyone in Germany will be vaccinated, recovered or dead.”

Joe Biden even eluded that he is going to attempt to do this in some form or fashion here in the United States.

The president said if Americans don’t get vaccinated he will lockdown the country.

Biden said that the new normal will include vaccinations and regular boosters or he will lockdown the country.

We all need to prepare for what is next and it’s clear what Biden is going to do when his mandate gets shut down by the court. He’s going to punish the country and try to lock us all down again.