Snobby Rich NFL Star Draws A Penalty After Post About Gas Prices Backfires

Former NFL star Shannon Sharpe is filthy rich, after retiring the NFL superstar landed a gig at Fox Sports and is considered a member of the elite. However, the famous NFL star bit off more than he could chew after he waded into politics.

While Sharpe was at a service station he posted an image of what he just paid to fill up his vehicle with fuel.

“Anyone knows someone hiring that owns a gas station? You get a discount IF* you work at an establishment. Do ppl still siphon off gas? It was a thing when I was a growing up,” the NFL star wrote.

One user replied asking if the former star – who was a vocal opponent of Donald Trump – still hated the former president.
“I’d rather pay 20 bucks a gallon than have Trump in office. Hope that answers your question,” Sharpe replied.

Americans are barely able to get by with prices at $4 per gallon (if you are lucky) and this idiot is so selfish he didn’t even think about the ramifications of what $20 per gallon because of his Trump derangement syndrome. Imagine what food prices would be if gas was $20 per gallon? It just goes to show you how shallow liberals are.

The backlash online was swift…